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Seesaw Explains It All…

Clarissa explains it all is on. That’s crazy. I used to watch this show so much when I was so little! haha Anwyay

Yeah, I dunno, aren’t people supposed to really blog on here? I don’t ever see people blog anymore. They just ‘re-blog’ stuff which I don’t even know if that’s considered blogging. It’s like RTing everything on Twitter… I dunno, Don’t want to offend anyone so I won’t continue.. O.O lol

I’ve started this addiction to checking my horoscope every night. I’m not addicted to Astrology, nor do I give a flying fuck what anything means, but I’ve enjoyed checking it out and seeing what it has to say. It’s kinda depressing in a way because I guess I kinda use it as a certain form of inspiration or something. Kinda like a pep talk or whatever. I don’t really talk to many people about anything too personal, so having something that’s probably written by some 15 year-old Asian kid helps me out, sorta. 

Anyway, I’ve been really over-thinking stuff lately. Back to the whole horoscope thing, but it’s been really accurate when it comes to how I end up feeling. lol Now, I don’t go into my day with an attitude expecting to feel a certain way but shit always ends up hitting the fan, in some way. It’s not accurate, for the most part, to what it says will happen though. Which is probably the most important part of a horoscope. This should be the best week of my entire summer but nothing ground breaking has happened yet. 

I’ve had an awesome summer. It’s been full of stuff lol I realize shit’s getting real fast and i’m not gonna have many summers like these ever again. I really regret being so closed off to the rest of the world all the time. Being lonely sucks. 

Only the lonely now, right? haha whatever. I have friends and that’s enough.. but nothing beats that relationship compassion or whatever. I really think all this time alone has made me pretty resilient though. I don’t really ever seriously complain though. I like to pretend and post bullshit online but none of it is ever how i’m REALLY feeling. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism or just sign of weakness. Maybe I just do it for attention, attention I never get regardless. Maybe I just do it because I have nothing better to do? Who knows? Iunno. I think i’m ready to take a plunge though. Take a chance, make a change, breakkkkkkk aaaawwwwaaaaaayyyyy!!!!

Yeah, If you read any of this then thanks. Obviously, there’s more I wanna say but it’s pretty late and I am sleepy and my stomach is making weird noises. #buzzkill

Anyway, if you feel lonely or sad or anything. Don’t. Because there’s always people that feel the same way you do and I guess that means that you aren’t alone. Trust me, I know how it feels to not have anyone physically around, anyone that really cares anyway, but that’s not excuse to be a bitch and stuff. 

Just be happy, ya know? Everything happens for a reason.